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I help my driven and ambitious clients to identify their struggles, regain control and find purpose in the work that they do.

My clients want to live more empowered lives.
They know that long term and meaningful changes only happen through dedication.

Using my Personal Mastery Program, I help my clients to lead their lives with elevated level personal mastery so that they can perform better and consistently.

Jung Wan, PhD – Personal Mastery Coach

Success stories

Renee Primus, Executive Director

In my work with Jung as a colleague and collaborator, I have found Jung to be the “yin to my yang”. In navigating complex areas, Jung brings perspectives not only different from my own, but that open my mind and deepen a connection to both the issue at hand and to our work together. I particularly value Jung’s authenticity, and the comfort I have in sharing with him and his openness in sharing with me. My time with Jung is both fulfilling and productive, and I feel very fortunate to have received Jung’s natural way of being and enlightenment – a true gift.

Marina Brenere, Certified Business Coach

Jung possesses all the best qualities of a great coach – he immediately creates rapport and an atmosphere of deep trust, he listens actively and helps to explore different perspectives with in-depth meaningful questions that lead to aha moments and insights.

As a fellow coach, I have chosen Jung to work on my vision for the future and explore my set of values as I knew he would be best suited to bring the best out of me. And it was a great journey indeed.
After our sessions I have achieved a greater clarity on the life I’d love to lead, on the purpose of my business and found myself in a greater emotional balance.
Jung is also very knowledgeable and brings his life experience to the coaching sessions which I found very valuable.

Ritesh Raval

I have very much enjoyed the coaching sessions with Jung and they have helped me greatly in my personal and professional life, for which I am very grateful to Jung. During the sessions, we have discussed goals across various topics in both my personal and professional life. With the help of Jung’s coaching, I have been able to set clear and realistic goals, together with a detailed plan on how to achieve these. I appreciate the technique of coaching employed as this has taught me to approach problems in different ways and encouraged me to think of the solutions myself. Through the coaching sessions, I have felt an increased sense of accountability and focus toward setting and achieving my goals. I have already met some of these goals and am successfully working towards the others. I am thankful to Jung for our coaching sessions and his continued support.


  • You want to take control of your professional or personal life in a way that you have not done before, wanting to attain more meaningful results and over the long term.
  • Using the same thinking that you have, it is difficult to think yourself out of your situation.
  • You need someone to support you and help you to develop the thinking skills needed to move you onwards past your current struggles, to perform better.
  • A professional coach helps you to gain insights that you would not have generated through working alone.


  • Jung works with you to identify clearly what you want to achieve and need coaching support on
  • Jung works by holding 1:1 private coaching sessions with you using his Personal Mastery Program
  • You will review your own progress regularly with Jung to ensure that your coaching needs are being met
  • Book a strategy session
  • – This free consultation session is to help you understand how Jung can help you to attain better personal mastery in your professional and personal life.

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