You are a business owner of a small / medium sized company or entrepreneur who wants to be a thriving leader of a successful company.

You want to lead your company into a promising future

You want to lead your company with clear vision and goals.

You want to lead an engaged workforce who do their best work every day.

You want to be an example of a successful business leader.

Benefit of business coaching

Provides you with the dedicated support you need to achieve greater success as a business leader eg:

  • Make meaningful and significant contributions to your business
  • Become a thought leader in your industry
  • Build a legacy that comes with being a strong leader of people
  • Be a super effective leader through change
  • Have great supportive relationships at work and personal life


What I do

I would first ask you to complete a self analysis reflection tool.

From the results of this tool, I would work with you to determine the key opportunities for your growth and development in the short and long term.

From this I would apply my Personal Mastery Coaching Program (diagram) covering self awareness:
And then work with you on the following:

Executive Competencies (Personal Mastery) Self efficacy

  • Self efficacy
Executive Competencies (Interpersonal Mastery)

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leading through change
  • The motivational, inspiring, creative leader

Why work with me ?

I have marvelled at what makes a great effective business leader. I firmly believe that becoming an effective leader requires attaining an elevated level of personal mastery and developing rigorous interpersonal leadership. I like to see good businesses growing and becoming great.

Being an effective business leader in the constantly changing world we live in calls for bravery, inner strength and a sense of purpose. With a developed level of personal mastery, the leader can through great communication skill and collaboration ability, lead others to accomplish amazing feats and be a force for good in the world.

I combine my own experience of personal mastery and career experience from over 20 years as a corporate professional. I have led organisational initiatives within the companies that I have work in including the promotion of a speak up culture, orientation conference for new employees joining the company as well as having mentored and coached colleagues (junior and senior) within the company. I like to bring my other interests within martial arts, philosophy, literature, languages and personal development to my work as a coach.

I am a certified coach in business coaching (1 International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognised diploma) and personal performance (2 ICF recognised diplomas).

Success stories

Marina Brenere, Certified Business Coach

Jung is a true professional. During his sessions, he asks insightful questions and uses many different tools and unique frameworks. That encouraged me to dig deeper into exploring personal values, which helped me to overcome my challenges. His gentle style and support helped me immensely to redefine my priorities and areas that need the most attention in my life.At the end of each session, he helped to formulate an action plan, which is very practical. Several mind shifts I experienced during our session tremendously pushed me towards a more fulfilling life!I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to transform their life.


Marivanna, Mum and Entrepreneur

My coach Jung supported me in reaching my goals during the lockdown in 2021; taking care of my daughter’s wellbeing while supporting her with her home learning as well as taking care of my wellbeing during that time.
Jung with his insightful questions, calming approach and active listening was able to create a quiet and safe space for me to reflect and plan what to do.
Jung helped me in

  • becoming more aware of my strengths and resources as a mum and as a woman
  • Figuring out new and creative ways for reaching my goals, in particularly in supporting my daughter in her home learning
  • Taking actions, small steps on a regular basis to create the best possible learning environment for my daughter as well as taking care of her wellbeing
  • Gaining more confidence in taking care of my wellbeing in such a difficult time of the pandemic lockdown

In summary, I found Jung’s coaching empowering.

Your next step

To say yes to yourself to become the effective leader that you wanted to be, then contact me for an initial strategy consultation call.

Your journey into personal mastery growth awaits.

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