Personal Mastery – What is it?

by | 16, Mar, 2023

Personal mastery is a way of life. It is not a destination.

Personal mastery requires us to compete with the person who we were the day before, in order to become a better version of ourselves in some way.

When I say that it is “required”, what I mean is that it is what we ask of ourselves to do. It is not what others ask of you. It is a personal decision to commit to and put into action.

We develop our self awareness so that we can know better the nature of the thoughts we have, the emotions we feel, the way we communicate to others and the actions we take.

It means going in deep to understand how the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel, then lead to how we communicate and how we act.

By becoming more self aware, we can then decide for ourselves what aspect of ourselves we can work to improve through sustained intentional efforts.

We may choose to develop our self management, our sense of purpose, our self motivation, self confidence, decision making, growth mindset, realistic optimism or resilience.

Practicing a new skill only gives benefits when the practice is intentional and directed. Growth comes with both reflective evaluation and adjustment.

A coach can guide the process for lasting sustained growth in personal mastery.