6 steps how leaders can get unstuck when making big decisions

by | 17, Jan, 2024

πŸ‘‰(1) Self awareness 

– become aware of being stuck when making an important decision

πŸ‘‰(2) Reframe the decision

– (thinking) if the decision appears too big to make, try reframing it to make it smaller

– (time) if the outcome from the decision appears to be too far into the future, visualise how the decision would feel if it was made in the far future, versus making it in the present moment

– (level of difficulty) if the decision appears to be too difficult to make, apply some optimism in your perception of it.

πŸ‘‰(3) Determine decision making process

– include data gathering, form of decision, benefit of decision outcomes, risks associated with decision outcomes

πŸ‘‰(4) Set timelines for data gathering, making the decision and communication of decision

πŸ‘‰(5) Consult affected parties (if necessary)

– consider how to involve whom to consult for advice or input in order to make the best decision

πŸ‘‰(6) Seek support

– “informed support” from a colleague, mentor or coach

πŸ€”What would you add to this list of steps to get unstuck when making important decisions?

πŸ€”What are the challenges you faced when making important decisions?

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