You are a professional who wants to regain control in your working life.

You want to perform better in your work and succeed

You want to understand the struggles you are facing so that you can take the required action to get past them.

You might want to find your sense of purpose in your life.

Benefit of Performance Coaching

Provides you with the dedicated support you need to achieve greater success so that you:

  • Work with improved effectiveness
  • Have better self motivation, resilience
  • Make better decisions for better outcomes


What I do

I would first ask you to complete a self analysis reflection tool. From the results of this tool, I would work with you to determine the key opportunities for your growth and development in the short and long term.

From this I would apply my Personal Mastery Coaching Method, starting with self awareness, and then work with you on the following components of Personal Mastery (with focus on self confidence):

And then work with you on the following:

  • Self confidence
  • Self motivation
  • Purpose
  • Self management
  • Decision makingt
  • Resilience
  • Growth mindsett
  • Realistic optimism
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Why work with me ?

I believe that everyone has the capacity to perform better in their work to achieve improved outcomes. All that is needed is the right support

I share this as someone who has experienced growth in this area first hand.

I combine my own experience of personal mastery and career experience from over 20 years as a corporate professional. I like to bring my other interests within martial arts, philosophy, literature, languages and personal development to my work as a coach.

I am a certified coach in business coaching (1 International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognised diploma) and personal performance (2 ICF recognised diplomas).

Success stories

Ritesh Raval

I have very much enjoyed the coaching sessions with Jung and they have helped me greatly in my personal and professional life, for which I am very grateful to Jung. During the sessions, we have discussed goals across various topics in both my personal and professional life. With the help of Jung’s coaching, I have been able to set clear and realistic goals, together with a detailed plan on how to achieve these. I appreciate the technique of coaching employed as this has taught me to approach problems in different ways and encouraged me to think of the solutions myself. Through the coaching sessions, I have felt an increased sense of accountability and focus toward setting and achieving my goals. I have already met some of these goals and am successfully working towards the others. I am thankful to Jung for our coaching sessions and his continued support.

Marivanna, Mum and Entrepreneur

My coach Jung supported me in reaching my goals during the lockdown in 2021; taking care of my daughter’s wellbeing while supporting her with her home learning as well as taking care of my wellbeing during that time.
Jung with his insightful questions, calming approach and active listening was able to create a quiet and safe space for me to reflect and plan what to do.
Jung helped me in

  • becoming more aware of my strengths and resources as a mum and as a woman
  • Figuring out new and creative ways for reaching my goals, in particularly in supporting my daughter in her home learning
  • Taking actions, small steps on a regular basis to create the best possible learning environment for my daughter as well as taking care of her wellbeing
  • Gaining more confidence in taking care of my wellbeing in such a difficult time of the pandemic lockdown

In summary, I found Jung’s coaching empowering.

Your next step

To say yes to yourself to become the effective leader that you wanted to be, then contact me for an initial strategy consultation call.

Your journey into personal mastery growth awaits.

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