Leading versus Managing

by | 22, Jan, 2024

When I look back at the team leaders I have worked with during my early corporate career, I come to the realisation that they were largely concerned only on the output on the team. They managed the team, ensuring that each team member delivered on their respective projects. 

A number of the managers were exceptional at looking after the team and creating a positive team atmosphere. They were competent at leading the team. 

What I noticed was that many did not actively develop the team members. The development discussion at each end of year performance review felt more of a token gesture (a checkbox exercise) rather than part of an empowering discussion throughout the year. 

It made me realise that it could be that team leaders may not be trained or coached on how to actively support the growth of their team members above token words and gestures. 

I think it is of utmost importance for team leaders to mentor and coach team members effectively to keep them growing, coupled with opportunities to get coaching themselves to become better leaders. 

Not sure how to improve your ability to lead team members, so that they can do better?

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