Success Stories

Jung possesses all the best qualities of a great coach – he immediately creates rapport and an atmosphere of deep trust, he listens actively and helps to explore different perspectives with in-depth meaningful questions that lead to aha moments and insights.

As a fellow coach, I have chosen Jung to work on my vision for the future and explore my set of values as I knew he would be best suited to bring the best out of me. And it was a great journey indeed.

After our sessions I have achieved a greater clarity on the life I’d love to lead, on the purpose of my business and found myself in a greater emotional balance.

Jung is also very knowledgeable and brings his life experiences to the coaching sessions which I found very valuable.

Marina Brenere, Certified Business Coach

Jung is a true professional. During his sessions, he asks insightful questions and uses many different tools and unique frameworks. That encouraged me to dig deeper into exploring personal values, which helped me to overcome my challenges. His gentle style and support helped me immensely to redefine my priorities and areas that need the most attention in my life.

At the end of each session, he helped to formulate an action plan, which is very practical. Several mind shifts I experienced during our session tremendously pushed me towards a more fulfilling life!

I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to transform their life.


Sumedha - Germany

My coach Jung supported me in reaching my goals during the lockdown in 2021; taking care of my daughter’s wellbeing while supporting her with her home learning as well as taking care of my wellbeing during that time.
Jung with his insightful questions, calming approach and active listening was able to create a quiet and safe space for me to reflect and plan what to do.
Jung helped me in:

  • becoming more aware of my strengths and resources as a mum and as a woman
  • Figuring out new creative ways for reaching my goals, in particular in supporting my daughter in her home learning
  • Taking actions, small steps on a regular basis to create the best possible learning environment for my daughter as well as taking care of her wellbeing
  • Gaining more confidence in taking care of my wellbeing in such a difficult time of the pandemic lockdown

In summary, I found Jung’s coaching empowering.

Marivanna, Mum & Entrepreneur

I have very much enjoyed the coaching sessions with Jung and they have helped me greatly in my personal and professional life, for which I am very grateful to Jung.
During the sessions, we have discussed goals across various topics in both my personal and professional life. With the help of Jung’s coaching, I have been able to set clear and realistic goals, together with a detailed plan on how to achieve these. I appreciate the technique of coaching employed as this has taught me to approach problems in different ways and encouraged me to think of the solutions myself.
Through the coaching sessions, I have felt an increased sense of accountability and focus towards setting and achieving my goals. I have already met some of these goals and am successfully working towards the others. I am thankful to Jung for our coaching sessions and his continued support.

Ritesh Raval

Throughout our coaching sessions, Jung was always very clear on how coaching would work and the role he would play. As a first timer this was very helpful to me. He would actively listen and then ask me thought provoking questions to help me understand myself and my goals more closely. He motivated me to achieve a bigger goal by helping me to break it down into smaller achievable and realistic steps.
There was one exercise which I found very valuable where a series of questions concluded that my biggest priority in a career was a good paying job because for me, money equalled stability in my life, which wasn’t something I had been aware of (at least not consciously).
At the end of the sessions, following discussions and awareness, I would define clear steps for me to work on, so I am able to achieve my goals. This made me feel a sense of accountability to myself to ensure I followed through on commitments.

Ameera M

I commend the quality of Jung’s coaching service for its character and delivery very customised to the client. In my own experience, from the point of introduction, he was very receptive and attentively listening as I expressed my own ambitions and needs. From this he guided me, with better vision to a feasible plan of how to appropriately address them for better achievement; (while being utterly honest of the challenges and demands it would require from my own responsibility). Throughout our discussions, he promoted an equal interchange of ideas in an entirely open and supportive way. As a special skill I appreciate in his own approach, he communicates the ideas and strategies he is encouraging to his client in a most understandable way: by depicting notions with logical analogies from his own life experience, clearly the knowledge he has effectively acquired.

Zoe Springer-Graham

My coach has enabled me to develop a more critical and analytical approach to my own goal setting and the strategies I can employ on the journey to achieve my goals. He supported my development to become an effective coach via an insight into my way how I communicate with clients and what I need to be aware of.
Jung is a great listener who provides time and space to his coaches to reflect deeply on their reality, on the values of their achievements and dreams, and surprises them with challenging and thought-provoking questions.