About me

Jung Wan, PhD

I help ambitious and driven professionals who want to perform at their best. I help my clients regain control, develop mastery and find meaning in their lives.

Why I became a coach

I feel it is a real privilege and responsibility to serve by coaching professionals who want to perform better and become better versions of themselves. Looking back, coaching was not something I was aware of until after many years in a corporate career.

My studies and early career

In my early life I prided myself on being a good student and was diligent in my studies overall.

My first degree in Chemistry in the UK, with a year as an exchange student in France led to going on to complete a PhD in Chemistry in the UK. My first career step was into the pharmaceutical industry and my motivation was to help to make vital medicines available to patients in need especially in less developed parts of the world. Working in a large multinational company felt great and the international travel to Africa, Middle East and Asia was something I truly loved.

My discovered passion for coaching

I realised that I found it more fulfilling to be mentoring and coaching others to do their best than doing the main work my corporate role involved. I completed a course on personal mastery and felt transformed! I also learned that by coaching, it was possible to upgrade the way we think to ourselves and perform better and help others to perform better too. I developed better self awareness, self confidence and motivation. At one time, I sought the advice from an executive coach whom had provided some of our development seminars. Further to this, I made a decision and enrolled onto a coaching course and over a year later of study in my own free time, I completed my two Personal Performance Diplomas with The Coaching Academy and Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. I became affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. I liked how it was possible through coaching to help others set themselves up for better success. All this led me to start my own coaching practice which has became a huge passion for me.

A little more about me

Outside my professional life, I continued to practice the martial arts of tai chi and xing yi, enjoying both the training and teaching of the tai chi to others. I found that my practice of these martial arts enhanced my coaching skills. I also served at my church as congregational chairman since 2015 and recently was appointed a church elder.

My mission

My mission is to help others develop greater personal mastery so that they can perform at their best and become better versions of themselves in their professional life.

My why

I have been through many internal challenges in my professional career which have eventually led me to recognise the self doubt I had and that I did not accept myself as the person I was. I know how frustrating it can be when effort made at personal cost does not guarantee a path to success. I recognise when one strives to do their best, somehow it does not seem to be enough. I am aware that success professionally does not equate to fulfilment.

Values, beliefs and philosophies

I learned that it is vitally important to own our circumstances in order to orchestrate transformational change for the better.
Commitment to the cause of personal mastery speaks to me.
Integrity is the most important value I have.

Major accomplishments

I ran my first marathon (in Paris) within 9 months of sustaining a broken leg! I went on to complete another marathon and also a Tough Mudder event all to raise money for charity.
I consider gaining my coaching qualifications as major accomplishments too!

Education and training

Personal Performance Diploma with Distinction (The Coaching Academy)
Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs)
Member of International Coaching Federation
PhD in Chemistry (University of Southampton)

Getting powerfully personal

I train and teach Taichi including for self defence. I also train in Xing Yi.
I train in calisthenics and am training my handstand
I run every morning to start my day
I am keen learner of languages and am interested in cultures
My special skill is in listening for insight so that I can detect what the client is unaware of in order to help them grow past their perceived limitations.

Your next step

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. If you want to accept your calling to attain greater personal mastery in your professional life so that you can perform at your best and find meaning in your work, then take the next step and tell me more about your circumstances and see if I can work with you to do what it takes.

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