“What is the Matrix?” – a lesson in self awareness

by | 22, Aug, 2022

I love this iconic quote from “The Matrix” film that was posed by the lead character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) to his mentor Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishborne).

Yes, I am a fan of the film and as a coach, I love the wealth of insights on personal growth, self knowledge, overcoming limiting beliefs etc, all of which are of interest to a coach who is passionate on personal mastery.

In our modern society, we live our daily lives according to certain rules, routines, boundaries and beliefs. Just the way it is and has been. It keeps us safe, and provides the security that comes with certainty. From a particular view point, it makes us predictable, makes us conform, it keeps us from playing above average in life, it keeps us from striving for more and better.

And what about the “reality” that is inside our minds?

The way we think, the way we feel emotion, what we do and what we say

We have our habits of thinking, habits in the way we respond emotionally

We react to our thoughts and emotions

We live our lives largely on “auto-pilot” – think of the times today you just did something without second thought and perhaps later had a regret?

The truth is that we all have an ability to choose how we respond to our thoughts, to our feelings, then to choose how we communicate and act.

Even more is that we have the ability to raise our self awareness to start becoming more in control of our lives – both professionally and personal.

By becoming more self aware, we have better sense of how we can become more alive in the life we lead.

So, if we wanted to start developing our self awareness, is it easy?

No, it is not easy in my view. You have to really want to work on it and consistently.

We can often get in our own way. As Einstein observed “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Unless we take the time away from our usual routine to reflect and examine ourselves.

How else can we develop this self awareness in ourselves?

Well one way is to work with a coach!

And what would such a coach do?

Firstly, your coach would not provide you with answers

Your coach would ask you the right questions you would not ask yourself

So that you can find your own answers to what will lead you to become a better version of yourself, the you that can see the “matrix” of your own way of thinking & emotions, and the way you choose to act.

To find out more on how I can work with you to amp up your self awareness and practice of personal mastery, make the choice to reach out for a free discovery session and “see where the rabbit hole goes”….

Note: Photo taken from visit to the Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Rooms” “Filled with the Brilliance of Life” at Tate Modern, London (which reminded me of The Matrix).