What I Do

Are you an ambitious and driven corporate professional who feels overworked and lacks a sense of overall direction in your professional life?

What is happening for the people I work with

The professionals I work with pride themselves on a good track record for completing projects through hard persistent effort.
Inwardly they are finding it hard to keep up the fast pace of work demanded or expected by their employer and are worried about being perceived as performing at below standard levels compared to peers.
They have work schedules that are long and crammed with back to back meetings, allowing little time to reflect and develop.
They are increasingly realising that working hard to get recognition is not fulfilling and they lack a general sense of purpose and meaning in their professional life.

Who I work with

I work with corporate professionals who work hard in their industry. They are highly educated and have done well so far to get recognition within their careers.

Top challenge situations

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have tried countless management courses and feel exasperated that none of them seem to work to make you work more efficiently
  • You privately resent it when a peer is recognised and promoted.
  • You put a lot of effort into your work and feel that the results you achieve are not good enough
  • You have no-one with whom you want to discuss your concerns and seek assistance
  • You long for a dream career but not sure what this would look like
  • You want to have better control over your professional life

Ideal client qualities

I will have greatest success with clients who:

  • believe that they have what they need to become more successful in their professional life
  • Are willing to put the effort in even when it takes them out of their comfort zone, to up-level their professional life
  • Are willing to go deep into themselves to uncover what is holding them back from attaining better success


With my personal mastery coaching methodology I can work with you to help you develop your:

  • self awareness
  • self management
  • decision making
  • sense of purpose
  • resilience
  • growth mindset
so that you can perform at an unprecedented level in your professional life.

Additional Results

  • Feel in control of your professional life
  • Be able to design the professional life that you have dreamed of
  • Lead in your working life and inspire others by example
  • Feel full of energy and perform at mastery level
  • Have a clear sense of the valuable contribution you make through your work

My core process

My personal mastery methodology starts with working with you to help you understand your current level of self awareness and introduce strategies to enhance your self awareness like never before. From this, I help you to develop in other areas such as your self management, decision making ability, growth mindset etc. to up-level your level of personal mastery, so that you can start applying from day one to your professional working life.

What makes me unique

I have spent over 20 years as a corporate professional and have been through my share of personal challenges and driven to up-level my own skills and abilities. During this time, I have studied leadership, especially self leadership, to help overcome my own limits and become a better leader. I have a voracious appetite for reading and absorbing the insights of others who have spoken their truth. I have developed the ability to speak my own truth and ask questions to others that they dare not answer, even if it leads to their next stage of greatness. I continually train my skill of listening so that I can sense what my coaching clients are unaware of themselves.

Personal mastery is a calling that a select few individuals take as their life endeavour. It is not a destination to which someone arrives at one day and stops trying anymore. It is about continually striving to improve ourselves, to always become better versions of ourselves so that we can do better for the world we live in. For this reason I only choose to work with those of you who are not simply interested, but truly committed to the cause of upgrading their own level of personal mastery. You do not have to have a title that your industry gives you, more importantly the intention to simply do what it takes even in the face of road blocks that present themselves.

Your mission

If your new mission…
is to develop greater personal mastery and
…should you choose to accept this with full commitment to yourself, then
… your next step is to meet with me to explore what you need to do from now on and see if I can work with you to make it happen.