“Don’t worry. You have got this.”

by | 18, Aug, 2022

These were the words I found myself saying to myself just moments before I leapt….

I got onto the first overhead bar to cross this obstacle on a Tough Mudder event a few years ago raising funds for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Yes, I was nervous seeing the enormity of the challenge.

I had never crossed anything like it before and it was so high above the water!

Then on hearing those words I said to myself, I realised that this is what I had been training for during the past months. I relished the opportunity with all its difficulty.

I clung on and moved steadily from bar to bar, despite others dropping like flies around me into the water and one heavy contender bumping into me as he passed me.

I used my training. I used the techniques that I had learned. It was all I knew to do in the moment.

After what seemed like an eternity, I made it across without getting my feet wet.

I had made it!

We all need challenges that are more than what we are normally used to. In these we find our growth so that we can do better in our lives.

Remember we can encourage ourselves by training our own self confidence.

Say to yourself at the next challenge you face

“You have got this”

And rise as you have been called to do…

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