Do you have a head for business?

by | 2, Jun, 2023

You and your business activities

Whether you do or do not, your head is uniquely yours and separate from your business activities. 

By being able to detach yourself from the everyday workings of your business, you can get a uniquely better perspective to determine impactful strategic direction and lead the organisation, especially when the climate becomes turbulent and unpredictable.

Great companies lead as companies with leaders at the helm who bring their employees with them with vision and direction.

What I have learned from running my own business

As a solopreneur, I work with an extended team of collaborators and service providers. I am becoming increasingly aware that I am not my business, regardless of how closely my business is a reflection of me.

I do need to step away from my business to evaluate with minimal personal bias on what is best for it into the future. Quite a feat to balance between the self (as entrepreneur) and the business (their “baby”). Perhaps the entrepreneurs among you can relate to this. 

You may not be an entrepreneur, but the leader within the company or organisation you work in. Being able to step away from the daily work activities is key to being able to remain grounded and connected. Stepping away also means that you can think strategically and create new ideas for your way forward.

Keep your head in what you do (at all times)!

Do any of you need some help to keep it together?

Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

In my work in business coaching and executive coaching, I help my clients to regain control in their professional life and to find purpose in what they do.

This striking sculpture is called “Corporate Head” by Terry Allen in Central LA, being propped on the side of a corporate building, serves as a surprisingly apt and ironic messenger to all who pass by….